Monday, July 11, 2011

Fault Codes RAV-SM / RAV-SP

Fault codes are displayed directly on wired remote controller – to access the service history:
Press CHECK and SET for 4 seconds
Scroll through stored codes using the TEMP set buttons
Press CHECK to cancel service history
Press CLEAR to delete codes
Up to 4 Codes can be stored

Code - Description
E01 Controller (local or network) receives no communication from a master indoor unit- could include that master is
turned off. Also check that there is a master controller
E02 Local controller failure (unable to transmit)
E03 Master indoor unit receives no data to A-B. Often appears as an E01 fault code
E04 Indoor unit (except twin slave) receives no communication from outdoor unit; can include klixon on 560 Digital
Inverter split system – checked by measuring 280VDC across outdoor unit capacitors
E08 Duplicated indoor address
E09 2 local controller on a group – both configured as masters
E10 Indoor PCB failure
E18 Communication failure between master indoor unit and slave
F01 Indoor TCJ sensor error
F02 Indoor TC2 sensor error
F04 TD1 sensor error
F06 TE1 sensor error
F08 TO sensor error
F10 Indoor TA sensor error
F29 Indoor PCB failure
H01 Inverter compressor over current detected
H02 Master outdoor unit over current detected shortly after start up
H03 Current detected on master outdoor unit whilst idle
H06 Low pressure detected by Ps sensor (0.02Mpa)
L03 Duplicated master indoor units in a group
L07 Indoor in a group previously addressed as a single unit – check addressing
L08 Indoor address not set
L09 Indoor unit capacity not set
L29 IPDU error (number of detected IPDU units is reduced)
L30 Input on CN80 circuit for 1 minute
L31 Outdoor PCB error
P01 Indoor fan motor error
P03 High discharge temperature (TD1 exceeded 115°C)
P04 High pressure switch activated (Detected by high TE temp on Digital Inverter)
P07 Heat sink overheat
P10 Float switch activated
P12 Indoor fan motor error – detected by feedback circuit
P19 Wrong change in temperature (4 way valve error)
P22 Outdoor fan IPDU error
P26 Giant Transistor short circuit
P29 Compressor error detected by feedback circuit
P31 Indoor PCB error

Error by TCC-Link central controller
Code Description
C05 Sending error in TCC-Link central control device
C06 Receiving error in TCC-Link central control device
C12 Batch alarm for general purpose equipment control interface
P30 Group control follower unit error/duplicated central control addresses
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