Thursday, June 2, 2011

Midea Package Air-cooled Modular Chiller Error Code

Code Trouble
E0 Water-flow detection error (the third time)
E1 Power phases sequence failure
E2 Communication failure
E3 Total outlet water Temperature sensor failure (available for main unit)
E4 Outlet water temperature sensor in double-pipe heat interchanger error
E5 Pipe temperature sensor in condenser A error
E6 Pipe temperature sensor in condenser B error
E7 Outdoor Temperature sensor failure
E8 Error of the Air Exhaust Temp. Sensor at Digital Compressor
E9 Water-flow check trouble(wire controller and control board can recover automatically when the trouble is displayed
for the first and second times
EA Main unit detect that auxiliary unit’s quantity have decreased.
Eb Freeze-proof temperature sensor 1 in double-pipe heat interchanger error
EC Wire controller can not search the modules on line
ED Wire control and module unit communication error
Ed 1-hour consecutive 4-times PE protection
EE Wire control and computer communication error
EF Inlet water temperature sensor error
P0 System A high-pressure protection or discharge gas Temperature protection
P1 System A low-pressure protection
P2 System B high-pressure protection or discharge gas Temperature protection
P3 System B low-pressure protection
P4 System A current protection
P5 System B current protection
P6 System A Condenser high-Temperature protection
P7 System B Condenser high-Temperature protection
P8 Digital compressor discharge Temperature protection, when it is above 125℃
Pb System anti-freeze protection
PE Low-temperature protection of double-pipe heat interchanger
F1 Eprom failure
F2 Failure of reduction of wired controller number at parallel connection of multiple wired controller (reserved)

Service manual download here
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sujiro on June 22, 2011 at 3:13 AM said...

I see a lot of errors in air cooled chiller and I'm afraid if it is good to have it or not...I was able to fix one...but its I stop..I think I need more information about it..I've got some idea in here..tnx.

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