Monday, December 6, 2010

McQuay MWH-C-2009 Error Code


Should a major problem develop, refer to the following information for possible cause and corrective steps:

Neither fan nor compressor runs (No power supply)

1. The fuse may be blown or the circuit Breaker is open. Check electrical circuits and motor windings for shorts or grounds.
Investigate for possible overloading.
Replace fuse or reset circuit Breakers after fault is corrected.
2. Wires may be loose or broken. Tighten or replace.
3. Supply voltage may be too low. Check it with the power company.
4. Control system may be faulty. Check thermostat for correct wiring and check 24 volt transformer for burnout.

Fan runs but compressor does not run

1. Check compressor capacitor.
2. Wires may be loose or broken. Tighten or replace.
3. The high pressure switch may have tripped due to:
a) Fouled or plugged condenser;
b) Lack of or no condenser water;
c) Too warm condenser water;
d) Not enough airflow over the coil due to dirty filters.
5. Check thermostat setting, calibration and wiring.
6. The compressor overload protection is open. If the compressor dome is extremely hot, the overload will not reset
until cooled down. If the overload is external, replace it. If the overload is internal, replace the compressor.
7. The compressor winding may be open. Check continuity with ohmmeter. If the winding is open, replace the

Compressor attempts to start but is not successful

1. Check continuity for contactor.
2. High pressure trip check.
3. High superheat results in high discharge temperature.
4. Lack of refrigerant.

Compressor stops after short run

1. Check thermostat setting.
2. Check system pressure.
3. Refer to troubleshooting-3 possible causes.

Insufficient cooling or heating

1. Check thermostat setting.
2. Airflow may be insufficient. Check and clean the filter.
3. The reversing valve may defects, creating a bypass of refrigerant. If the unit will heat, check the reversing valve
4. Check capillary tubes for possible chock of refrigerant flow.
5. Check if any block in water flow or if the water is dirty.
6. Lack of refrigerant.

Insufficient water flow through condenser (tube in tube)

1. Check whether valves are opened.
2. Check for air is trapped in piping.
3. Check circulating pumps.
4. Check if correct water pump sizing.

Water dripping

1. Check condensate drain.
2. Check for dirty filter.
3. Check to see if condensate drain runs uphill.
4. See if blower motor is up to speed.
5. Check for blower position.
6. Are drain pipe properly trapped?

Noisy unit operation

1. Check for fan wheel whether it is hitting the housing.
2. Check if any dented fan wheel.
3. Check if there is loose fan wheel on shaft.
4. Check if any tubing is touching the compressor. Readjust tubing by bending slightly.
5. Check all screws on panels.
6. Check water flow rate.

Controller Error Code
Error code - Causes
E1 Compressor2 low pressure faulty
E2 Compressor2 high pressure faulty
E3 Compressor2 overload
E4 Indoor coil2 temperature sensor fault
E5 System 2 leaving water temperature2 faulty
F2 Indoor coil1 temperature sensor fault
F4 Return air temperature sensor fault
F6 Communication faulty
F9 Compressor1 refrigerant leak
FE Compressor2 refrigerant leak
H1 Compressor1 overload
H4 Compressor1 high pressure faulty
L1 Compressor1 low pressure faulty
L3 Temperature of water entering too high or low
L4 Water flow switch faulty
L5 System 1 leaving water temperature1 faulty

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